Field Engagements

Visit Guatemala and Brazil in 2020!


March 2-6, 2020


Join us on a tour of credit unions in this Central American country to see how they work with their communities, provide lending to their members and adapt to the challenges of their market. This engagement visit also includes a two-day workshop in Guatemala City with credit union CEOs and loan officers. The workshop framework will include an interactive forum in which visitors and their Guatemalan hosts pair up to present and compare methodologies and lessons.

For more information, contact Laura Mihm

March 29 - April 3, 2020


Join World Council and the Worldwide Foundation for a study of the Brazilian credit union systemSicredi. Pull lessons for a sustainable model for credit union collaborative systems, excelling in branding, financial performance and member serviceSicredi is one of the fastest growing systems in the world. This engagement is aimed at CEOs and senior-level credit union staff. Join us for a week in Brazil to share the success of their model and to explore what lessons are relevant for our future. 

For more information, contact Laura Mihm

Irish-American Exchange

Mutual challenges face the Irish and U.S. credit union systems. In response, the World Council, through its Worldwide Foundation and between the Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) offers an exchange program, designed to align the needs and expertise of both sides of the Atlantic to find solutions to address short and long-term challenges.

For more information, contact Laura Mihm

Study, Service and Support

Field engagements can be deep-dive studies to understand the challenges a credit union system faces and the relevance of that experience at home. The engagements also allow participants to get involved with local credit union volunteer and community service work.  Technical and advocacy efforts assist credit unions to help tackle their top technical or regulatory challenges.

In 2018 the Foundation visited Kenya, Thailand, Dominica, Puerto Rico and Poland on a mission to study, serve or support those areas – sometimes all three. 

“Engagement trips are like traveling in a time machine. Sometimes you go to the future. Sometimes you visit the past.”

- a participant of a previous Worldwide Foundation’s field engagement trip

New or unplanned engagement opportunities will arise in 2019 as credit unions in other countries and our supporters identify a need.

Information about all field engagements and how to participate can be found on this website and any specific questions may be addressed to the CEO’s office by contacting Laura Mihm.


Watch Video from Our August 2019 Credit Union Disaster Response Engagement in Puerto Rico


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