Empowering women in leadership in the credit union industry.


By Bridging the Gender Gap using the Global Women’s Leadership Network (GWLN), we leverage a passionate community of over 4,500 individuals within 150 Sister Societies at home and abroad that inspire and empower change in leadership growth and financial access.

Impact of Your Gift: Meet Josie

Since 2009, GWLN has assisted in developing the leadership skills of women like Ms. Joselita “Josie” Cardona, the CEO of Most Holy Rosary Multipurpose Cooperative in the Philippines.

The initiative has helped expand Ms. Cardona’s entrepreneurship abilities, economic standing and financial opportunities through her credit union and community.

"As an empowered woman with the help of GWLN, it helps me be empathetic to the needs of the people and the community. That I can do something even in a very simple way has a big impact on their lives, family and community."


GWLN Resources


Gender Equality: Josie Cardona

Hear how GWLN has impacted the life and career of Joselita "Josie" Cardona, CEO of Most Holy Rosary Multipurpose Cooperative in the Philippines.


GWLN is bursting with diverse groups of women from all walks of life, expertise, and professional levels. We support one another to develop the leadership potential and career advancing skills needed to drive the global credit union industry. Check out the membership benefits and join other credit union women across the globe.

Sister Societies

Let the GWLN community know about your Sister Society meetings by adding them to our calendar of events! We can highlight your meetings on our homepage along with a brief description of your speaker/topic. We can't wait to hear of all of the amazing conversations that will occur in 2022! Tie on your pink and join us!

Thought Leadership

What are the obstacles holding women back in advancing to leadership roles in credit unions?
What are our members saying!
What is your credit union doing? What are industry leaders saying?

All of this and so much more in the GWLN Pink Paper WE for SHE.

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