Credit unions providing financial inclusion to underserved communities  worldwide. 


Our mandate to Bridge the Inclusion Gap helps members access the services they need, while expanding the credit union reach to the millions of people who lack access to financial. Our Priority Fund supports the World Council’s work by providing technical assistance to grow the global credit union movement.

Impact of Your Gift: Meet Yargelis

Through the WOCCU Economic Inclusion Project, Ms. Yargelis Herrera was able to access business classes, financial services, and seed capital to pursue her dream of self-employment and rebuild her life after she had to flee her home in Venezuela.

"Everything is difficult, but with tenacity, dedication, discipline and responsibility, anything is possible. Now that I have my store in a country that welcomed me, I'm able to have something better than what I had in Venezuela."


Inclusion Gap Resources


Dreams Realized: Yargelis Hererra

A Venezuelan national, Yargelis had to flee her home country due to the political and economic crisis there, leaving both her life and small business behind. See how credit unions helped her rebuild.

2021 Impact: Bridging the Inclusion Gap

See how your donations and our work helped bridge an inclusion gap for credit union members in 2021!

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