Credit Unions face a digital gap that puts their members and staff at risk.  

Not all credit union systems worldwide can offer digital financial services to members. Many systems are at 50% to 75% digital capacity. Some less than that. In order to stay competitive, relevant and providing safe services, credit unions need to prioritize their digitization strategy now. 

The foundation's Priority Fund supports World Council's ongoing technical projects worldwide that are on the ground, aiding credit union systems with scaling up their digitization tools and member experience to offer services safely and affordably.

Our Global Bridges program offers your team partnership experiences with global peers in scaling up their digitization strategies. 

If we can continue to grow support for universal credit union digitization worldwide, we will be able to reach our Challenge 2025 mandate of having fully digitized all credit unions by 2025.

Everyone deserves inclusion. Digitization is the solution to global financial well-being.


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Webinar Alert: 2021 Urgency for CU Digitization!

Watch credit union advocate and technology thought leader Mark Sievewright discuss why the urgency for credit unions worldwide to make strides towards full digitization is now.

What is Challenge 2025?

Help the World Council and Worldwide Foundation digitize the global credit union system by 2025 through your support and thought leadership. Digital channels, shared platforms, risk management and data analytics are key drivers toward this global goal.

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