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Partner with World Council in getting ahead of the storm and responding to natural disasters affecting credit unions and their members from day one until they can stand on their own again by providing support to our general disaster relief fund. The Worldwide Foundation coordinates with all levels of the credit union movement with disaster relief support by providing supplies, branch reconstruction and technical guidance, all through monetary contributions to help members rebuild their businesses and farms as a part of the World Council’s disaster relief toolkit.

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World Council provided training for credit unions in Northwest Kenya to serve small farmers. We found that in all villages where we worked there were large numbers of HIV AIDS orphans. Credit unions committed not only to the finance of the village farmers but also to mitigate the community strains in which they operated. Credit unions began to provide education accounts for the orphans to go to school. Farmers taught the orphanage volunteers how to raise crops and chickens. Kenyan and US credit unions raised funds to build an orphanage campus in Busia town to provide a safe and sanitary living environment for orphans. Worldwide Foundation continues to support the orphanage with donations to pay for food and school fees.

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